Your donations fund a wide range of improvements. We focus on four priorities

Improving the hospital experience for patients

Our top priority. Everything we do is about improving things for patients. 

From our maternity wards, neo natal and childrens A&E, through to our cancer services, dementia friendly ward, stroke unit, and everything in between, your donations support purchasing state of the art medical equipment, additional services and support for patients beyond what would otherwise be possible.

Transforming the hospital environment

We know that being ill is a stressful time. Your donations help to make the hospitals feel more welcoming, caring places for all our patients and families.

Examples include providing guest beds so that more carers or partners can stay overnight with their loved ones when they are unwell, or nearing the end of life, and making improvements to public areas of the hospitals.

We love our staff and volunteers

Developing staff to make your hospitals among the best in the country.

Patients are cared for by people. We want to support the development of the wonderful people working at the two hospitals beyond what the NHS would normally offer, so that Hillingdon can attract and develop the best, most skilled, and most caring people.


We support people who have great ideas for improving patient care, through providing grants to enable them to try new things.

We know that front line nurses, midwives, doctors, administrators, and of course patients and carers can often see ways the system could improve. We support and encourage this, supporting improvements for our patients, so that the best possible care is available to all.