There is a huge amount we want to do.

In recent years, your generous donations have allowed us to make valuable changes for patients. Over the last five years, we have received over £2.4m, used for purposes including an ultrasound machine, a CAT scanner, ventilator equipment, and the extensive refurbishment of the neo-natal unit.  

We've been able to build a wonderful new play area for children in hospital, contribute to a state of the art training robot, comfort packs for cancer patients, support social activities and support groups for young people with diabetes, support groups, and stimulating sensory items for our patients with dementia.

We now want to build upon this, and develop your hospital charity into one of the leading such organisations in the country, so we can have a real impact for you, the patients and families who our hospitals serve, now and in the future.

We aim to raise and spend over £1m per year by 2020 on improvements for patients at your hospitals. 

We want to make contact with people and organisations of all sizes who share our vision of the best possible health & care, and would like to help.

Here are three examples of urgent areas where your donations and fundraising can make a huge difference right now:

  • We are looking to purchase additional equipment for our expanding childrens wards and new paediatric A&E department, to allow us to provide care for very unwell children, over and above what would normally be possible.
  • Secondly, we want to raise £10,000 to provide foldable guest beds on a number of our wards to allow more family members, partners, or carers of patients are able to stay comfortably overnight in the hospital, particularly where people are nearing the end of life. This will make a huge difference for patients themselves, and those around them.
  • These are  examples, and there is much more we want to do at both hospitals. Each of these will make a huge difference for patients & families, and with your help we can make them all possible.