News Update

News Update

How can you help your local hospital?

30 March 2020

Well, you can stay away, if possible. Hillingdon is no longer permitting visitors to the hospital as all wards are closed to protect both you, and our patients and staff.

However, you can still support your hospital by making a donation to our staff welfare appeal at

Many of our staff members are now locked down in the hospital, they cannot go home to see their children and families, they are dedicating their time to caring for their patients. They are in need of food basics, toiletries and basic comforts away from home.

The appeal is to help provide these much need comfort packages. As you donate, the Charity is releasing funds to provide this care for them.


Your generosity makes all this possible. Find out more about the charity here.


If you would like to know more about our work in your

community please fill in your details below: