News Update

News Update

Thank you to Rachael and Alex!

22 September 2020

Kit was born sleeping on 13th September 2019. Rachael and Alex spent time with their precious son, but not in the best environment for making beautiful memories. For 2 days they stayed in the birthing room on Hillingdon’s busy Labour ward hearing other babies crying around them, and families celebrating.

Rachael felt trapped inside the four walls, not able to venture outside of the door for fear of seeing happy families, or upsetting new mums. The care from maternity staff was excellent but nonetheless it was a heartbreaking experience not made any better by the facilities.

Rachael and Alex know the importance of a separate space away from the Labour ward and set out to help us fund raise to provide a Maternity Bereavement Suite. They set a target of raising £15,000 and this week achieved this amazing goal just after Kit would have been a year old. We can’t thank them enough for all their help.

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